The Langrug Children

The Langrug Childhood Development Trust

The Township

Langrug is home to more than 2500 shacks and over 7000 people, one third of them have no access to electricity or sanitary facilities. The settlement is characterised by extreme poverty, poor housing, improvised shelters and lack of  sanitation. Seasonal labourers working on wine farms and labourers working on a large dam construction project, established the settlement in 1992. The residents still find seasonal work (from September to March) on the nearby farms and in the restaurants and guesthouses in and around Franschhoek.


Seventy-two percent of Langrug’s population are poor migrants from the Eastern Cape looking for work. Another nineteen percent of Langrug residents have migrated from the urban areas of the Western Cape.


Due to the overcrowding, which however unfortunately is characteristic of informal settlements, there have been more than 250 fires and wide spread floods that have affected multiple dwellings.