The Langrug Children

The Langrug Childhood Development Trust


Langrug Childhood Development Trust came to the conclusion that many children did not attend pre-school; instead they wandered around the settlement or stayed at home. Many parents do not seem to understand the value of pre-school education. By visiting local crèches and schools it became apparent that there was a great lack in cleanliness, parental attendance at school meetings, parental volunteering in school feeding schemes and parents failing to pay school fees.


Therefore, it is the general aim of this upgrading project to influence parents to understand the importance of schooling and education, and in doing so, to raise the level of school attendance through partnerships with local crèches, primary- and high schools. It was ascertained that there is still an existing need for school graduate programmes and vocational training.


The Trust has funded money to realise better housing for the children. The big problem was getting the official approval from the Municipality of Stellenbosch, which took almost a year. We are extremely pleased to say that we have now built a crèche with a double classroom for 50 to 60 toddlers. It also includes a separate kitchen, a small office, a sick bay and we also managed to get hold of three flushing toilets. The trust is still raising money for the outsite playing area. Due to the fact that the toilets are situated there, it needs to be covered so that the kids stay dry during wet weather when making use of these facilities. It will also provide shade to protect the children from the sun and the heat in the Summer.