The Langrug Children

The Langrug Childhood Development Trust


In the middle of Langrug Township, there now is a safe place for almost 60 pre-school infants. This safe place fortunately is no longer located in an extremely poor small shack but in a beautiful, bright, airy building with running water, electricity, a kitchen, two classrooms, a small office and a sick bay.

See photos of the old and new situation.


The principal, the teacher(s) and the cook, who take care of the children five days a week, started the crèche in 2011 to save children from their perilous situation at home. Every morning they cook breakfast and provide a warm lunch for the children. They are taught singing, reading, crafts and simple arithmetic and language exercises. Besides this, the children are also taught how to wash their hands, brush their teeth and other hygiene matters.


Unfortunately there is no money from the local Government to provide financial support to upgrade these poor crèches. The housing in a small cramped shack was extremely dangerous. There was no water and sewerage and a lack of educational and recreational resources.

A group of individuals from overseas and Franschhoek founded the Langrug Childhood Development Trust. Our aim was to raise funds to build a (fire)safe and clean place with access to water, toilets and equipped with furniture, educational and recreational resources.

Our second aim is to encourage the teachers to expand their knowledge by taking courses in the field of education and early childhood development.