The Langrug Children

The Langrug Childhood Development Trust


During guided village walks with tourists, relatives and friends a visit to the children in the crèche is part of the tour. Many of the visitors ask what they can do to help the children and spontaniously donate. An overseas Service Club decided to organise a special event to raise money for the Trust and we also have some sponsors donating money for fruit, vegetables and gas for cooking.

On Monday the 14th of April 2014 we organised a wonderful sponsor evening on Glenwood Wine Estate in Franschhoek. We were able to welcome over 90 people and many artists, not to forget the children of Langrug, performed. An auction was held, lottery tickets were sold and personal donations were made. 

This all enabled us to raise a large amount of money which we could use to purchase furniture, such as tables, chairs but also learning and playing equipment.

The trustees, together with some volonteers, also managed to organise a big event in The Netherlands too. This took place in Amsterdam on the bank of the river Amstel in a beautiful building. Many artist performed volontary and there was also a lottery and auction.

Also on that occasion a large amount of money was raised. It stands to reason that each and every part of the money goes to the well being of the children at our crèche.  


Members of the Trust collect clothes and toys amongst their relatives and friends and carry them in their luggage when flying to South-Africa. Every now and then parcel post arrives to the great surprise of the children!

Donations are more than welcome. We need money for toys, maintenance, food, gaz and electricity and much more. The kids cannot manage without your help.

Our bank details in The Netherlands are:

Stichting Langrug Childhood Development,

ABNAMRO - IBAN: NL83ABNA0512201358  

" donation for The Langrug Trust ".

and in South-Africa:

Langrug Childhood Developent Trust,

FNB te Paarl Account number 62728111056 Branch code 200110

You can always reach us by email:  (financial matters only)

If you wish to visit the crèche or Batho's Place or are interested in a so called Township Tour, please send an email to: Arie van den Berg. 


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