The Langrug Children

The Langrug Childhood Development Trust



We are so proud that we could finally realise the new building, a safe and clean place for the children. A lot of extra work was involved in order to create a solid basic construction with a good fire prevention.

The official opening was done by a member of The Red Tape Reduction of the Western Cape Government together with the Trustees while many people witnessed.

The people of Langrug are very happy and grateful for the help we offer them in creating a better future for their children. A good education is the only guarantee for a better life and less poverty.

From the moment we started the building activities nothing has been damaged or stolen. This proves the involvement of the inhabitants of Langrug as the building is in the middele of the Township where people can use almost everything they see.

The Golf Club at Pearl Valley

We are extremely happy that our project has been chosen for sponsoring by Mr.Chris McCann, Men's Captain of Pearl Valley Golf Club.

More information will follow.